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On Demand Pickup & Delivery


Flat Rate Pricing


Pickup Truck One Driver $99.99*

This service is for small pickups design for a pickup truck with one driver providing the safe loading and unloading of your products. 

Pickup Truck Driver & Helper $119.99*

This service is design for small pickups & moves that require a helping hand. 

Sprinter Van Driver & Helper $129.99*

This service is design for multiple item deliveries that require two people to delivery.

Box Truck Driver & Helper $179.99*

This service is design for furniture purchases, equipment delivery, patio furniture, and large moves.


1. How can I request a job?



2. How does the schedule work?

When you request your pickup time that is the time we will arrive at the store to pickup your item from the store, storage, or auction. Once the item is acquired and loaded the truck will make the delivery.

3. Do you take toll roads?

We'll take the fastest route to make your delivery on time. If a toll is required we will bill you for that cost.

4. Do you deliver appliances?

Yes we will. We will not disconnect or install any gas or water lines.

5. Do you use protective equipment to protect my products?

All of our delivery trucks have straps, ramps, shrink wrap, moving blankets, and dolly's to protect your products during transport.

6. Is there a cancellation fee?

If you would like to cancel your order reschedule within 24 hours to cancel your delivery at support@mycargobox.com

7. Do you offer same day service?

Yes our same day service is an additional $25.00 rush fee for same day delivery. My Cargo Box rush fee is being wavied until the end of the year.

* Price only includes pickup and delivery of your items. This price does not include any unpacking of your items or debris being removed.

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Set your pickup location and destination. 

Pick the truck that is right for you and the time of your pickup.


We do the heavy lifting.

My Cargo Box will take it from here. We will arrive to load your items and secure them for a safe delivery.


Close the deal

My Cargo Box will arrive and unload your items and 

place them safely in your home.

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Schedule your My Cargo Box move online or on our app. 

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